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Randy Watson, Sydney

VigaPlus™ – Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

VigaPlus Anti Impotence Pills - Herbal Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

VigaPlus Herbal Pills Guarantee You Harder and Longer Erection in a Natural Way

VigaPlus is an herbal product for erectile dysfunction control that can be bought without prescription. It has no side effects and is specially developed for men with erectile problems. The herbal pills helps you get long-lasting and powerful erections and enables you to have sex multiple times without losing energy. The product is made of herbs and nutrients that are known for their ability to stimulate sexual activity so you can have a hard and long-lasting erection.

The advantages of VigaPlus:

  • Helps you have pleasant orgasms
  • It is an herbal product free from any side effects
  • The pills are quickly assimilated by the organism
  • Very effective for erectile dysfunction control and treatment of impotence
  • Give you more sexual desire and energy
  • Your erections will become harder and more long-lasting
  • You will have longer and more pleasurable orgasms

How VigaPlus Works?

Erectile dysfunction is cause by insufficient blood flow to the penile region and by nitric oxide deficiency. VigaPlus increases the blood flow twice and deals with the low levels of nitric oxide. This is achieved by the herbs and nutrients contained by the pills. These ingredients are a natural aphrodisiac and they stimulate and enhance men’s erection. The pills are all-natural herbal tablets and the body absorbs them fast and easy. They start to work 30 minutes after they have been taken.


Each tablet contains:

Tribulus terrestris (extract) 140 mg
Withania somnifera (extract) 130 mg
Chlorophytum arundinaceum (extract) 120 mg
Mucuna pruriens (extract) 100 mg
Myristica fragrans (extract) 20 mg
Piper nigrum (extract) 10 mg


The recommended dosage is one VigaPlus tablet two times daily or as directed by the physician.

Side Effects

VigaPlus has no side effects because it is made of natural herbs and nutrients. The product is absolutely safe and is recommended by many doctors.

Our Guarantee

VitoPharma is a famous herbal products manufacturer, known for its original products with high quality. Our products are made by experienced doctors and contain only natural herbs with high efficiency. Your order will be dispatched to your address as soon as you make a payment for it. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

All VitoPharma products have a 90-day money-back guarantee and in case you are not satisfied by any product, you can contact us and receive your money back.


The prices are for bottles with 60 tablets each.

  Quantity Supply Period Saving Price
1 Bottle of VigaPlus 1 Month
2 Bottles of VigaPlus 2 Months
3 Bottles of VigaPlus 3 Months
6 Bottles of VigaPlus
6 Months
9 Bottles of VigaPlus
9 Months