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FitoDerm – Say Goodbye to Acne

FitoDerm anti-acne herbal remedy. FitoDerm - skin care and anti-acne tablets.

FitoDerm – A Powerful Solution for Your Skin Problems

FitoDerm is a natural product which regulates the pigment melanin and restores the natural colour of the skin. It reduces the oil on the skin and thus stimulates the faster drying of pimples. It also restores the normal blood flow by removing the toxins gathered in the pores of the skin.

The advantages of FitoDerm:

  • Efficiently removes acne, pimples and blackheads
  • Helps for removal of the bacteria that causes acne
  • Provides you with a fresh and clear face skin
  • Causes no inflammations
  • Prevents from new acne occurrence

How FitoDerm works?

Acne is mainly caused by hormonal changes combined with blood toxins. FitoDerm is made of herbs that purify the blood and help you get rid of acne and pimples. It also removes scars, makes the skin fresh and clear and all that with no side effects.

Why Choose FitoDerm?

FitoDerm is a powerful and very effective herbal product which is developed especially to deal with acne. It will help you get rid of acne, pimples, blackheads, etc, and to forget about them. The product has no side effects and will become your best friend!


Emblica officinalis 75 mg
Rubia cordifolia 75 mg
Acacia catechu 50 mg
Berberis aristata 50 mg


One tablet twice a day after a meal with a glass of water. You will have a clean and fresh skin if you use the product regularly.

Side Effects

FitoDerm contains only natural herbs and is absolutely safe product which has no side effects. It is recommended by many famous and experienced doctors.

Our Guarantee

VitoPharma is a famous herbal products manufacturer, known for its original products with high quality. Our products are made by experienced doctors and contain only natural herbs with high efficiency. Your order will be dispatched to your address as soon as you make a payment for it. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

All VitoPharma products have a 90-day money-back guarantee and in case you are not satisfied by any product, you can contact us and receive your money back.


The prices are for bottles with 60 tablets each.

  Quantity Supply Period Saving Price
1 Bottle of FitoDerm 1 Month
2 Bottles of FitoDerm 2 Months
3 Bottles of FitoDerm 3 Months
6 Bottles of FitoDerm
6 Months
9 Bottles of FitoDerm
9 Months
12 Bottles of FitoDerm
12 Months